Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert 2018 (english)


Marian Gold will take part in Germany’s TV sensation “Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert”, produced and aired in 2018. Stay tuned for more info.
What it is about: Seven German singers will meet at a kind of ‘isolated place’ in South Africa. Every evening they come together, dedicating the show to the musical creation of a different artist of this round of seven.
What is going to happen then? Now the other 6 singers will present a cover version of her/his repertoire in her/his own style, accompanied by a band, but without any audience attending. The other musicians will then comment the songs, avoiding negative aspects.
Additionally will the “artist of the day”present a brandnew song and she/he will select the cover version of the six songs which touched her/him most.
What else? Well, the last show of this 5th season will feature duets of certain songs presented during the previous nights.
By the way, the “Song of the Night” will be available the next day (download).
At the end of the season a CD will be released covering the best performances.
The shows of the season will be aired on a weekly basis at the German channel VOX.
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