Alphaville Calendar: February 2021


Sometimes it is weird how coincidences collude with each other. When I was considering which lyric line I should add to the illustration for February, the first thing that came to my mind were words from our song „Ascension Day“: „I wanna ride on a crest of sensation!“ In their megalomanic expression they fit perfectly to my somehow mad body language in the photo. I have no idea where it was shot, but the location was a big arena and since we were soundchecking, it was completely empty. I wrote „Ascension Day“ in 1991 in commemoration of the great Freddy Mercury, who died from his AIDS-infection that year. Now here, in our calendar, the words of „Ascension Day“ seem to underline another pandemic moment illustrated by a snapshot of an empty venue from two years ago. Prophetic? Well, all these different elements weren’t arranged on purpose, in fact they came together by sheer chance. Just right now, as I am writing this article, wondering about a suitable subject, I become aware of the strange correlations mashing up on that February page, reaching out through time and space. Comparing 1991 with today it feels as if we’re on a different planet now. But some things never change. For instance: I still miss Freddy.

Bless him!

Marian Gold, January 31, 2021


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