Alphaville calendar: November 2021


Dear Friends,
November is mostly grey and wet and for me and maybe many of you it used to be the saddest month of the year with all its evanescent ambience. But this time, November feels different. I look around me and I am grateful and filled with humbleness given what I see: my family is all well, none of my friends and co-musicians became ill, concerts finally start and I recognize many familiar and beloved faces in the audiences. We all went through hard times but we pulled through altogether. And now, as the world slowly returns, we might find it different and somehow odd. It will never be as it was before and it is as it is and that’s a fact. Actually, it was always like that but it was never as obvious as today.

The only constant things in my life always were my goals and dreams. They are like fixed stars in the nightsky and calm and peaceful they shine on the chaos and turmoil of the world. They only belong to me and only I am allowed to touch them if I ever dared, though they are quite far away and it is a long, long way up. But, you know, there are enough stars for everyone and they are always there even when it is cloudy. I wish that each one of you may find theirs and dare to reach out and grab them.
From the bottom of my heart.
Marian Gold


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