Dear Friends,


so, I finally made a decision which track we’re gonna put out tomorrow for you. It was not an easy decision because there were many interesting options. This song by the years went through many transformations, after all 21 versions survived. And it is hard to believe that they are all very different from each other. That fact probably becomes less remarkable if you consider the total production time, which embraces 11 years. Demo no.1 developed on Friday 22 of July, 2005.

I remember when I first tried to sing on the music Rainer had created, I was really in trouble because of the unusual chord structure of the verses. Or more precisely, because of the possibilities this chord structure offered to my singing. It also enabled me to incorporate a little clue to my biggest musical hero, a short “interjection” I stole from his song ASHES TO ASHES. And it definitely makes sense in the context of our song.

Well, the song… so many faithful companions of mine helped to take the song through all its glittering variations in time and space. Rainer, Martin, God bless you! So, when tomorrow comes, I hope you all will enjoy this little present from us to you. It comes straight from the heart.

Love & Light!
Marian Gold & Alphaville


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