Dear Friends, …


… the universe we live in seems to be a sparkling questionmark, a door to surprises, dangers and adventures. A place where all that waits in front of us is uncertain. The „dark vastness of the universe“, dear Rossitzka, to me, comprises the true adventure, „where no one has gone before.” But though I’d like to fly around in a starship, say, Alphaville, primarily our mind is the most beneficial tool for exploration. It can travel into the unknown and at the same time, it is „the final frontier“ because no matter how much we reach out in our imagination we are limited by our own conceptions just like primary numbers. For instance, it was a wild assumption at the time to think that the world is round but what we got was not India. It was America. I wonder if the real deal really is to find what we are looking for, or if it is just the mere wish to find anything at all. Wishes give us ideas but results may strongly differ from expectations. Nevertheless, they can be exhilerating as much as they can be horrifying. That is what the „dark vastness of the universe“ bears for us. In infinite number. Over the hills and far away. Enter Space and no Return.

See you all tomorrow.



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