Dear Friends …


… coming Monday the 11th song of our „Corona-series“ will be presented to the public and I can assert you that this time it will be a quite different thing compared to any of the former releases. First of all it consists of visual recordings from Alphaville which I thought were long lost. They represent a golden turning point in Alphaville’s history which came to be one of the essential reasons the band is still going strong today. Secondly, it features a quite well known song but in an unusual version although I presume that some of you might have heard it before. Thirdly, both, visuals and song had been recorded in about the same time – but not in the same place. The song was recorded at N 51° 29′ 35.2896″, W 0° 14′ 59.1828, whereas the video was shot at N 55° 41′ 45.949″, E 13° 11′ 18.704″. The combination of the two wasn’t my idea but struck godlike via papal inspiration. The result, if you are asking me, is kind of overwhelming, it might create yearning emotion, nostalgia and maybe the one or the other secret tear. But talking about fruit, I hope, I have triggered your curiosity well enough. Wait for next Monday and never forget: Monday’s for good.

Very sincerely yours

Marian Gold


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14111 Berlin

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