(The golden apples from the sun, the silver apples from the moon)Concrete Soundtracks For Imaginary Films, Part 2:Sometimes it seems the night will last foreverSometimes it seems that darkness always fallsA dark star woke you up and with a dark starYou go to bedYou’re sinking slowly into the deepYou wonder if you ever touch the groundWhere you would walk through sparkling spheres,On strangest drugs and without fearsYou feel just like a little girlAnd all your dreams lie frozen on the moonYou left them ther some time agoBut it ain’t true that you don’t need them anymoreYou are so beautiful, you are so very beautifulDon’t give up, kill the pain, don’t start crying againHere it comes, here it comesThe golden handshake of lifeYou are so beautiful, you are so very beautifulKeep the faith, stop to fightAnd walk out into the nightYou’re so strong, yes you areReach out for your star….Even those who are afraid to liveThey’re dying some daySometimes it seems that silence crawls all overSometimes it’s hell inside and hell out thereYour heart is nothing but a haunted placeIs that you in the mirror?You’re all alone inside a worldFull of confusion and of strange alarmsAnd though your courage left you long agoIt doesn’t mean that you don’t have it anymore

Lyrics: GoldMusic: Gold-Bloss


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