People are People! Project with Marian Gold


Dear Friends, the last months have been a challenge for all of us. Yet, we all learned the same thing: How fragile this life we built and take for granted really is! If everything else is taken from us, we are left with just ourselves and the love we carry and give to the world. As long as we have this love and stay empathatic we are never alone.

However, while this insight is a common place for some, to many others it might appear as an unreachable dream:

People, who never had the luxury to feel safe every single day.
People, who were never welcomed wherever they went.
People, who never had a chance to pursue their dreams.

Alphaville stands for freedom and tolerance and will never accept any form of hate or discrimination against an ethnical group.
Their mission is to spread freedom and translate feelings through music which is why Marian Gold is happy to be part of the „Rising Voices“ Charity project, benefitting the NAACP Empowerment Program, the Southern Poverty Law Center and HeadCount.

Enjoy Marian Gold and 35 other artists singing Depeche Mode’s anthem „People Are People“ altogether for a good cause.
Rise and shine and spread the news!


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