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It is a wellknown fact that though we are all connected by personal relationships, family affairs, professional ties and last not least by the world wide web, for some strange reason many of us complain about growing isolation and being exposed to abstruse or inscrutable occurrencies. This feeling of uncertainty contradicts our need for explanations, important to predict especially negative events and may create anxiety and alarm. And not only a deficit of information produces such emotions but also an overflow of conflicting data. That is exactly the situation we’re experiencing in our present time. And the consequential wobbliness creates: isolation. In this decoupling mode people often tend to spot patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. By our human nature we have problems to accept the unexplicable coincidence which generates a perfect matrix for such as conspiracy theories and manipulative fake information. “Our relentless detection of patterns is part of our larger search for meaning and therefore vital for our human condition. Though our greatest challenge may be learning to bear incoherence”* …and the absence of meaning. Sometimes at least.



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