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Dear Friends,

here’s the latest news from Alphaville: This weekend THUNDERBABY came to an unexpected halt because the studio’s preamp called it a day. We are hoping to get it repaired until next mid-week.

And the songs? Well, there are two kinds of songs. The ones we’ve written in the past but are still waiting for their final touches and the brand new ones, the „production babes“ as it were. Which explains part of the album’s working title. We will soon present a demo version of a song from the first category in our „Corona songs“-series. And what about the „babes“ of the second category? Listening through them recently they derive from a darker and rather melancholic departement. We need happy songs too! Any ideas for more refreshingly subjects besides falling in love with someone?

Overall we are on a roll concerning THUNDERBABY and I hope by giving you continuous updates it tricks us into more discipline regarding dead-lines and agreements of the production. So, from today’s point of view it may well be that we’re completing the album by the end of the year. The unfortunate principal reason for this un-Alphavillish fast progress is the Corona crisis which gives us a lot of additional time due to this years’ many cancelled shows. Nevertheless we hope we can start touring again in the near future.This is by far the longest break in Alphaville’s touring history since 1995 and we really begin to miss you.

And what about next week’s ditty? It is a song you all know pretty well but it comes as a never released remix version. And we have a new fellow on board of our „Corona-Songs“ project: Rick Kay,  since decades responsible for Alphaville’s stage lighting, who provided monday’s upcoming video with the background imagery. We hope you will enjoy the song and thanks for travelling together with us.

Marian, David, Jakob, Carsten, Alex, Tobi, Rick & Claudia
(April 25th, 2020)


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