35 years…


… from Alphaville with love

What I remember about the time when the Forever Young Album was released is
that we received a promo-schedule from our record company….via snail mail.
Just a few pages with dates for the following two weeks….
and three flight tickets for Marian, Frank and me.
Some of you might remember how flight tickets looked like in those days.
A narrow small „book”, containing a lot of very thin vouchers. One for each flight.
On the first sight it wasn´t at all impressive, but it turned out
to be a massive ecological fingerprint.
We drove with a rental car to Düsseldorf and then we took the following
flights, all within just two weeks:
Düsseldorf – Amsterdam
Amsterdam – London
London – Copenhagen
Copenhagen – Stockholm
Stockholm – Copenhagen
Copenhagen – London
London – Cologne
Cologne – Birmingham
Birmingham – London by train
London – Sheffield
Sheffield – London
London – Paris
Paris – London
London – Barcelona
Barcelona – Madrid
Madrid – Paris
Paris – Düsseldorf
From Düsseldorf we drove with a rental car back to Münster.
Two weeks of different airports, hotels, TV and radio stations. Editorial offices and restaurants.
All day long. Was it fun? Yes!
Well, I hope that we could make up for that ecological fingerprint with the music on that album, we were promoting,
giving some good energy to the people listening to it.

Love, Bernhard Lloyd and Marian Gold, Berlin, 27/09/2019


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