Alphaville Calendar: March 2021


Dear Friends,
I’m such a lucky guy! I’m in a band of gorgeous musicians and really fine people. I have you wonderful guys from all over the world with me, who believe in what we are doing. And we all together share lots of great ideas and music and love. Almost 20 years ago, we wrote a „Thank You“ song for you, titled MoonBoy, in which we tried to sum up everything that makes our releationship with you so special. And two lines of its lyrics became the corresponding words for this month’s calendar sheet. Let me complete these lines for they are still the essence of what you mean for us today and forever. We are all MoonBoys and MoonGirls, a really cool connection in a strange world. Here we go!

You gave me strength, you pushed the blades away from me
Oh, how we dreamt to change the world
And we would never give in, no matter what they say
A really cool connection in a cruel world
Our minds are filled with crazy dreams, they seem to be unreachable
But if you give them up they stay ’til someone else takes them away
I met you in this hotel hall, oh, Nino, ain’t it hard not to be understood
But all you said was: hey, I just wanna sing!
Just believe in your powers
You might find out you’re invincible
No matter what they say…

[Marian Gold, February 28th, 2021]


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