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Dear Friends, now with the beginning of 2021 many challenges and projects are laying in front of Alphaville. Since the pandemic is still around, we will also carry on with our Corona series. But in the light of all these additional activities, a fixed monthly sequence of new Monday surprises can no longer be guaranteed. Rest assured that we will do our best to continue in entertaining you all through these confused times. Stay tuned and rely on Alphaville’s slogan since long ago:
So next Monday’s Corona Song No.17 will be an astounding travel in time concerning both sound and image. It will consist out of multiple glittering edits deriving from different stages of its production. I myself was quite astonished that our plan in the end worked out since we are talking here of a typical Alphaville production, meaning, that the song in this new format with all its different elements comprises an impressive time frame of about two years. So due to that you will experience its creation from first raw stages up to much later incarnations in one big, harmonious arrangement, embraced by Mr. Rain’s incredible visual artwork. I hope you will like the result as much as we do over here in Alphaville. And to those who are interested in solving the riddle which song No. 17 might be, I recommend to have a closer look at the image belonging to this announcement.
Love and peace and stay alive!
Marian Gold


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