Happy 1st Sunday of Advent!

My favourite part of Christmas is spending time with friends and family. I also love the snow although we don’t get much in the UK unfortunately!! Of course opening all of my presents!! I love Christmas movies, eating lovely food and drinking champagne ?. Especially turkey and mince pies and dancing with my lovely Nicki…! […]

“Eternally Yours” White Vinyl, Available Now!

WHITE VINYL EDITION OF „ETERNALLY YOURS“ – PRESALE AVAILABLE NOW! Since the limited gold-vinyl-version of „Eternally Yours“ is almost sold out, there will be a follow-up in swan-white vinyl out on November 25. Enjoy! You can order it HERE

The Voice of Germany – Finale – Heute um 20:15!

Heute (04.11.22) tritt Alphaville mit Tammo bei The Voice of Germany auf! Die Sendung läuft ab 20:15 im SAT.1 und auf Joyn. — “Gestern haben wir uns zum ersten mal getroffen und geprobt. Ich kann nur sagen, schaltet ein, es wird eine hammer Show! Peace!” -Marian

„Turn On“ by T.O.Y. featuring Marian Gold is OUT NOW!

It is a wellknown fact that though we are all connected by personal relationships, family affairs, professional ties and last not least by the world wide web, for some strange reason many of us complain about growing isolation and being exposed to abstruse or inscrutable occurrencies. This feeling of uncertainty contradicts our need for explanations, […]

“9 Years” @ Greentech Festival in London!

Dear friends, last Friday, I again had the honour to perform that wonderful song “9 Years” together with its author and my dear friend Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen at the Greentech Festival in London. It is always a great pleasure to sing this beautiful tune and its magic speaks to my heart and mind. I hope the […]

The Alphaville X(MAS) Files

Dear Friends, hohoho and welcome to the Alphaville X (MAS) Files on Facebook and Instagram! We’d like to invite you on a trip through the upcoming holiday season by presenting some veeeery cristmassy files related to Alphaville. It will be flabbergast stuff, moments to remember, to laugh, to inspire and to guide you. Feel free […]

White Christmas!

Thank you all so much for all the lovely XMas greetings. You make us very happy. And hey, just in this very moment it is snowing outside in our garden. Looks like we’re gonna have a white Christmas here in Berlin. A very happy Christmas time to you, dear friends. There are lots of really […]


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