Dear Friends…


…the plan was to release a new Corona song last Monday but the horrific incident on Friday 16 in a suburb nearby Paris prevented that. The song we intended to put out is a happy, carefree lovestory with a nostalgic but still positive ending. We thought that in these times of autumn greyness and rainy days it would possibly shine a little ray of optimism and serenity into one’s lives. But in the face of what just had happened, it didn´t feel like the right thing to do.
How hard it is sometimes not to shout in sheer rage for retaliation due to the brutalities, the inhumanities, the stupdity and delusions of this complicated world. Instead we mourn for the upright and decent teacher who did his best to instruct his pupils about freedom of speech and other cornerstones of civilization. It takes people like him to keep them up. All of us, who want to lead a free and peaceful life depend on people like him.
Next Monday we will release the song we cancelled three days ago. A silly, little, debonair ditty about love, the summer wind and the golden beaches, nothing to care too much about. A song that will easily fit into everybody’s ordinary life. But never into the life of a murderer. Next Monday it will be the right song.
Marian Gold
(?: Helen Sobrialski)


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14111 Berlin

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