Dear Friends,


… thank you all for your kind wishes. Now I’m on Route 66 and looking back, it was a nice and pleasant run. And since more than 36 years you have been a Rock in my life and you kept me Rolling. And all in all, I’d say, we’re a great team.

Since I started with music, I always believed in the power of alliance, of community. And I believed in difference and in variety. An alliance of differencies, a community of diversity, that was my vision. The Nelson community was the first step in this direction. But I would never have thought that one day a global community of friends would take over the legacy of Nelson. Nevertheless it did and here we are, people from all over the world, of every colour, belief or nationality. We’re here in this chaotic paradise of dangers and prove that it is possible to be creative, peaceful and most of all, friendly.

You have made me very happy with your presence, ideas, crits and raps, with your poems, dreams, your love and faithfulness. I will try my best to do the same for you and carry on writing the soundtrack of this Fantastic Voyage, even if it’s not always the soundtrack you expect. But whatever it might be, it comes straight from the heart.

Have a beautiful Sunday, Knights of the Nelson Order ­čśë

Marian Gold


Postfach 38 01 11
14111 Berlin

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