Dear Friends…


… concerning the song for next Monday, I have one good and one not so good news for you. Lets start with the latter one. There won’t be such a song for the upcoming week. The principal reason is that the whole effort to maintain the quality of our former Corona-releases became too much for a weekly presentation, especially the production of the corresponding videos. And saying that, I can’t thank Tobi enough for his unconditional commitment and his brilliant ideas. And here comes the good news. We will carry on with this project (that, by the way, still hasn’t got a name, any suggestions?) on a monthly basis for the time being. Just as we did many moons ago with the websong-series. So, no song for next Monday, but it’s not the end. We apologize for the inconvenience.

From this sunny morning on I have been working on lyrics for THUNDERBABY and was listening to Brian Eno all through the day. The player went in random mode and it was jumping back and forth in time through most of Eno’s numerous albums. I don’t know if you are all familiar with his music. For me the man was and still is a paragon and a lighthouse and I greatly admire his fearless and unbound mind. His music, apart from its exceptional beauty, gives me a feeling of freedom and encouragement. It clearly shows anything is possible at least in the world of art as long as you follow your own path. Sometimes, when I get stuck with writing or arranging I wonder what he would do in my situation and that helps most of the time. Not that I really knew him personally or what he would do, it is a purely imaginary Eno, but he changes my perspective on the problem and, hey presto, land in sight. And if not, there is always Bowie ­čśë

All in all, today was a great day full of great music, great sunlight and great news. The best one is that our doggie, which had been critically ill over the last seven days has recovered miraculously and it looks like she will carry on staying with us. And that really fills my heart with joy and gratefulness. And maybe, gives me another subject for a happy song.

Marian Gold



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