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Dear Friends,
years ago I found a record cover of Colin Bluntstone’s LP „One Year“ at the website of a vinyl record collector.
I was not easy to decifer the lines scribbeled by one of the previous owners, but then I discovered the following dark drama:
The earlier of the two notes was obviously inspired by a beginning love-affair:
“NB This LP was felt by me in the early days of 73 & now I ask with a hand in my past that maybe you can join in the ever playing of his soft power so we may fall into his slow moving voice and in a moment two bodies will turn on a smokey, a love the way we love us! xx 20th Nov ’73”
The more recent text reveals the ending of this affair:
“I called out to the dark side of the room and she stood with her school books by the fading floor dust. I held a white & eaten hand up, in the smoke of the dieing mummies. She sucked it off, in memory of Mr & Mrs Maybe, who now play with dead rats and eat green snakes. The big world is a dustbin of us & them and thin cunts!”
Moreover, there were other handwritten notes referring to each track.
Next to the third song at the second side “I Can’t Live Without You” there was: „True?“
What happens to us after suffering boundless lovesickness?
For the majority life goes on like it did before; but some of us are actually different.
What did this guy do after having written “True?”
Anybody can bear a gun and sing a song: on stage, in front of a school, on a rooftop or on a plane…
See you tomorrow
Marian Gold


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