Dear friends and fans in Russia,


… tonight Alphaville would have been playing in Kiev but, for obvious reasons, we can’t.
Ukraine is under Russian attack and Kiev is almost encircled by troops of the criminal regime of Putin. It is the first time since 1939, when Germany assaulted Poland, that such a thing has happened. Back then, it was the UK which kept its promise to stick with Poland. It was the beginning of World War II. But there was no other choice. No-one can possibly imagine the extent of crimes, on top of what happened anyway during the war, if Germany had won through with its vile and felonious intentions.

And today? What are we to do here in Germany? Although there is undoubtedly much help going on for Ukraine, I am quite sure that I share my feelings of shame with the majority of my fellow citizens in the face of what has become reality over the last couple of days. We watch the murder of Ukrainian men, women and children by Russian troops on TV and on the World Wide Web. And, deep in ourselves, we know the only effective support would be direct military intervention, which we dare not undertake because of the nuclear threat from this gang of thugs in the Russian government and from their supporters. And maybe we’re right from a rational point of view.

As I said before, there are many possibilities for civil support of Ukraine without direct militant entanglement and I am sure that most of us here in Germany will help as much as they can. Still, it doesn’t take away that bad feeling of cowardice that overcomes me.

In the past, we have played many concerts in Russia. We have always enjoyed the hospitality and kindness of our friends and fans over there. I am sure many, if not all of you despise the acts of crime that Putin commits in your name and in the name of your whole nation. I truly understand that there is not much you can do against it, just like we over here, because of the menace of violence that Putin is spreading both internally and externally. And I truly understand that going out in the streets and protesting against this senseless war is a statement of true bravery in your country. Those of you who do so represent the one and veritable Russia. May your resistance be more successful than ours here in Germany 83 years ago.

Faithfully yours,
Marian Gold and everybody from Alphaville


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