Many things vanish. Some things return.


We don’t know why they disappear — but they always seem to return when we need them most. We’re excited to announce that “In Those Days”, a track Marian recorded with Berlin producer VOOV systems almost 30 years ago, will finally have a wide release on all digital platforms this week. Many folks have heard bootleg recordings of this — but now a beautiful mastered version sees the light of day.

Here’s a teaser video, plus a found interview with Marian.


Excerpt no.1 from an interview by AudioBlitzen, January 27 1991 with Marian Gold

Blitzen: Tell us something about your involvement with “In Those Days”.
Gold: I think it was in summer 1989 and my girl had just thrown me out of her apartment. I basically lived in Voov’s studio. Writing music was the only option to get out of his way.

Blitzen: Was the song influenced by these circumstances?
Gold: Not at all. Voov came up with the music, the music was first. It sounded very dark and frightening. I can’t exclude that I was influenced by the piteous aspects of my actual situation but eventually the lyrics have nothing to do with that. You know, for me most of the things concerned with love and relationships are basically a comedy thing. We may feel happy or desperate or whatsoever when we’re in love but most of the time, we are clowns in a comedy. No, no, it would not have been the right subject for that kind of music.

Blitzen: Well, now you’re almost challenging me to ask for the meaning of the song.
Gold: I am sorry but I never explain songs. I rather leave it up to you. What do you think the song is about?

Blitzen: That’s not my job. I am here to trick YOU into statements. If you’re not willing to play the game, why are we here talking?
Gold: Well, then, go ahead and try to trick me.


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