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A rebirth reveals new energies and shining beauty with an everlasting core.
Can you hear the light? Can you see the sound? You eventually will.
Stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile please enjoy the next interview excerpt with Gold about an unrevealed mystery:


Excerpt no.2 from an interview by AudioBlitzen, January 27 1991 with Marian Gold

Blitzen: In the song you are telling about your father. Is this your actual father or a generalising visualization?
Gold: I presume he is my real father and though he appears to be some kind of ghost or spirit inside the song I feel very close to him.

Blitzen: Is he the one who hands you the „costume of the sad acrobat“?
Gold: That is a good question. I’m not sure. But apart from me, he’s the only other person mentioned. If it wasn’t him, it would be the great mystery of the song.

Blitzen: …that you will not unravel for us.
Gold: I can’t, unfortunately. Or fortunately.

Blitzen: What about the „bread“ and the „wine“?
Gold: They are bitter. And my Dad tries to keep me away from it. If I dined on it I’d become evil. I wouldn’t be allowed to wear the costume. And I would never die.

Blitzen: You mean, by consuming this bread and wine, it would make you immortal?
Gold: I’m afraid so.

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