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In summer 2007 we were touring Norway for a couple of consecutive concerts and during one of our daily soundchecks David played this compelling arpeggio and I cried: „Stop! Play that again, Sam.“ We recorded it with a smartphone and back in London, in Martin’s studio, we turned it into a song. Martin came up with the lyrics for what would later develop into the chorus of the track and I provided the singing for the verses. I always liked the idea of having more than just one leadsinger in Alphaville. I wonder if you guys know many bands, which feature every member as a leadsinger. I can only think of the Beatles, but perhaps there may be others. But, yeah, the Beatles! I just thought how great it would be to play music where every member of Alphaville would be a leadsinger. Just like the Beatles! Wow! And I’m still working on it… But quit dreaming and back to our song. Here’s what I said in an interview about it: „Actually, it is very simple. The one does not exist without the other. Would it really be desirable, for instance, if all negatives disappeared? What would happen to the positives? There is only one solution: fusion. But what is that…?“ Yeah, really good question, Mr. Gold. So here’s what I think today about the song: It is a very soft and friendly song, it is as if someone opens a door and welcomes you in a humble and sweet way. And after a while, out of the blue, Martin’s voice emerges from the music. Oh, I forgot to tell you what I think about Martin’s voice. First of all, it sounds like himself, absolutely himself. That’s why it is a very soft and friendly voice, just like the song. Or is it vice versa? The song became what it is just by Martin’s voice. I like to think so. Well, my role here was quite minimal, I sing one little verse and bits of ad libs. And that’s it? No, not at all! Here in this song a perfect combination of three communicating souls can be heard. The lovely guitar arpeggio from Dave, Mart’s great keys and his and my voices altogether in one song. We were one then. And that’s what music is all about…


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